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Here Are The Frequently Asked Qusetions

What does Green Soldiers mean?
Green Soldiers are fighting for better environment.Andprovides the organised recycling alternative by offering convenient doorstep collection at a time that suits you, for various grades of paper, plastic, glass, metal and get paid for it or donate.
Will I find Green Soldiers in my city/area?
We are surviving few pin codes of Pimpri-Chinchwad and Pune you can avail our effortless Free doorstep collection services of dry waste by checking list of pin codes we serve. Although, very soon we will entering other areas as well.
How can we contact your leadership team?
The best way to reach our team is via email. The email address is greensoldiersrecycling@gmail.com. Kindly specify the exact agenda for contact us. Normally, you would receive a response within 24hrs of sending an email.
How do I book a Trash Pickup?
You can Book through website or through our App or call us on our booking cell : +91 7559-20-9595, +91 7559-22-9595 or WhatsApp us trash photo or we will immediately get in touch with you, confirming your date, time and place of collection.
Is there a booking fee?
Not at all! Your booking is completely free of charge, only you must have 10Kg or more than Rs 50 scrap for pickupand what we seek is, your belief in transforming the city into a clean and greener place.
Can you please send us your representative at the designated time for collection?
Yes certainly, kindly specify the time at which you want the collection to be done..
When will you come for collection at my place?
Normally, the collections are done within 48 hrs from the time you place your request.
Can I change the time of collection half an hour before the designated time?
This is difficult, however if you are unavailable at the given time, our representative will make a second visit for collection. Just let us know the time.
Can you please get the collection done today itself? It's urgent.
We would definitely try, but cannot assure collection on the same day. It depends on the bookings allotted to our Green Soldiers in your area, for that day. But rest assured, we will send an emergency collection message to our Green Soldiers.
It's been some days since I requested for collection, but it is still not done.
We are sorry for this. Can you please share your address and phone number details, we will get in touch with you immediately. You can mail your complaints to greensoldiersrecycling@gmail.comor send a text message to +91 7559-20-9595 or +91 7559-22-9595 and we will get it sorted. There are chances that we may have encountered one of these situations Trash Qty is less than 10 kg or Rs 50 Your house was closed or you are not available address Green Soldier was not able to locate your place. Green Soldier was sent off telling a different time for Collection Duplicate Request by Mistake
How will I know about the Trash Price List ?
Visit our website will keep you updated with the latest rates for your area Pin code. You will be updated via emails and messages. Happenings at our end. Make sure you benefit from it.
How can I check if it is a Green Soldiers at my doorstep?
All Green Soldier carry an identity card and wore company Uniform at all times. Also Green Soldier will intimate you prior coming to your place.
Can I register a date on which my monthly collection will be made?
Yes definitely, this can be done without any problem.
Do I have to make reminder calls for repeat collection?
Worry not, you don't have to. If you have marked the date of collection with our Green Soldier, we will call you to confirm the collection date, time and place. We believe in convenience.
Can I know the number of trees, Water, Electricity, Oil and space I have saved?
We encourage our users to know the impact of their act. We would love to share this information basis the record you can browse through the login with your account details and dash board will display the cumulative green score for your collection. Also on your 1st collection our green soldier will explain it .