Who We Are ...

We are passionate about recycling and sustainability; as our tag line goes "Together Make Recycling Easier".

We believe in making recycling easier and contribute in the betterment of environment, which is must due to growing urban population and increasing per capita waste generation.

Green Soldiers Provides the organised recycling alternative by offering convenient doorstep collection at a time that suits you for various grades of paper, plastic, glass and metal packaging and get paid for it.

Recycling is a whole system, with elements that all have to work together: collection, sorting, shipping, manufacturing, purchasing the final products, and then repeat.

Recycling is Journey that’s starts with you , Turn Trash to Cash , recycle as much as we can, with an aim of diverting waste from landfill, keeping the environment clean, conserving natural resources and saving energy. Green Soldiers would love to recycle with you Together Make an effort for better tomorrow.

All the recyclable products we generate are supplied to manufacturing companies who in turn use the materials to make new products – It’s Circular Economy. Small act of segregation at source can be multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world join the hands to save the mother earth. We take customer satisfaction very seriously and ensure that all your recyclable waste with a single click or a call, Picked from your doorstep in scheduled time slot. We pride ourselves on being one of the innovative waste management venture.

Green Soldiers makes recycling easy to live in a space that is Clean & Green.

“Our Goal is to Conserve 1 Million Trees by 2020”